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Client since June 2022

Adrienne Freeman
Two striking before and after body transformations of a woman.
Two pictures of a woman showcasing her stunning before and after body transformations, with the bathroom serving as the backdrop.

I  first started training with Sarah roughly one year ago. When searching for who I wanted to be my trainer, I wanted someone who could not only help me lose weight, but I wanted someone who could help make me strong. I had tried extreme cardio, extreme dieting, etc., but this time I wanted to understand the strength and capabilities of my body. Finding Sarah was the answer to everything I had been searching for. She is personable, encouraging, and focuses on strength.

I started my weight loss journey with Sarah at over 330 pounds and a cluster of health issues. It was my highest weight ever and I was ashamed and afraid that a trainer would push me too far, too fast and I would lose confidence in my ability to get healthy. Sarah met me where I was, taught me each move, and always made me proud of each day… even if all I did was one more rep than the last workout.

She has helped me plan my weekly meals, she knows when to push me vs when to take a moment to talk and allow me to clear my head so I can refocus, and she is so supportive during our weekly check-ins. 

When I first started working out, I wasn’t immediately losing weight. We turned our attention to tracking what was happening inside vs outside. I took blood level tests and she helped me make sense of my progress on blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Even if the scale wasn’t moving much, my health reports were showing drastic changes on the inside. After 8-12 weeks, my levels were normalizing and I began losing weight much more rapidly.

Even as I’ve had personal setbacks with work or personal injuries, Sarah has thought in her feet and found ways to help me navigate through the situations and keep working towards my goals. I have fallen in love with becoming healthy and I have Sarah to thank for every bit of that feeling and progress!

Client since December 2022

Daniella Castro
Before and after pictures showcasing a woman's bikini-clad body transformations.
Two pictures of a woman in a bikini showcasing her before and after body transformation.

Before meeting Sarah, I was already working with a coach,I was undereating and overtraining.

My relationship with food and working out was unhealthy, and I was always hungry. My family was worried, but I did not see anything wrong until I met a friend that recommended Sarah; this friend competed in bikini competitions,and she told me, "My macros have never been as low as yours, even on prep." Her words opened my eyes. I am not competing, why are my macros so low? And that same day, Ireached out to her friend, now my coach Sarah.

Working with Sarah has been nothing but a great thing. She has so many green flags for anyone looking for a 1:1 coach. Since day one, she adjusted my macros, and it felt so good to eat more food. I was scared I was going to gain weight. Still, she explained and educated me on how food is fuel and that my body would transition due to undereating. And that our goal was to focus on body recomposition. A few more months passed, and she added more food. And guess what? I was still seeing progress,healthy progress, and I felt great. We have weekly check-ins, and it's always motivation from her. She is a true Coach who loves what she does and believes in helping her clients and seeing them succeed.

Client since July 2022

Kayla Haddock
Two pictures of a woman showcasing her before and after body transformations in a gym.

Sarah is the best coach/trainer you will ever have! She is hands on and personable with all of her clients. I have learned so much from her and she has helped me grow so much in the gym. You can tell she is very passionate in what she does and is always there for her clients! I would definitely recommend her services for all of your health and fitness goals!

Client since July 2022

Christina Faustino
Two impressive before and after body transformations of a woman after a workout.

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will listen to you and really understand your goals, then Sarah is your girl. Sarah is great because she designs a training plan specifically for you and then challenges you at a pace that makes sense and delivers results.  She is also very knowledgeable and excellent at giving advice about proper nutrition to support your training goals, which is a crucial part of strength training.  I have been working with Sarah for a year and, at first, I started training 2 days a week, but I enjoyed it so much that I immediately asked to add an extra day.  I look forward to our sessions because I know that Sarah will make me work hard, but she’s not so intimidating that I won’t enjoy it or want to quit.  I know that building a stronger physique takes time and I am so grateful to have Sarah lead me on my journey.

30 day transformation

Lauren Lamestra
A photo of Lauren Lamestra's significant before and after body transformation, portraying her journey through a dedicated fitness program.

I lost weight in all the wrong places. I wanted a bigger booty and also to gain healthy weight in the right places. Sarah took the time to customize a workout program to fit my exact goals. I got noticeable results in just the first month! (see photos) I couldn’t be happier with my progress, and I’m not even halfway through the initial program!

Client since July 2022

Michelle Lefever
Two women in bikinis showcasing before and after body transformations.

Sarah is a “whole person” coach. She cares not just about your physical training, but also how you and your body are feeling! As I was approaching the age of 50, I decided to train for a bodybuilding competition. I started training with Sarah and she immediately believed in me (even though I had never really weight trained!) She provided a meal plan and training program that was perfect for me! I would 100% recommend Sarah to anyone looking to achieve a weight training, body composition or health goal!!!!

Client since June 2021

Estefany Garcia
Two pictures of a woman showcasing her before and after body transformations through a weight loss program.

I have been with Sarah King for 2 years now. I super recommend her as a coach and trainer! She has helped me through my journey so much, not just in fitness, but how to change habits, and how to make sure you have control over your mind instead of your mind taking control for you. She has also helped me get to know my own body and how to properly fuel it. She will always be there to guide you and support you. She puts a lot of time into you as well. She has been a big supporter of me. If you want to learn to make some changes with your habits and you think you can’t change, check out Sarah as your coach, and you won’t regret it! 

    Hunter Williams

    Client since April 2022

    When I first hired Sarah, I had several limitations related to joint-health, but her tailored programs have gotten me back on track and her in-person training sessions ensured that I was utilizing proper technique to prevent further injury. Ultimately, Sarah is fantastic to work with, a great communicator, and (best of all) reduced the stress associated with trying something new. From first timer to gym rat, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone.

      James Russel

      Client since March 2022

      Sarah's training has been a huge asset for me. She set up a program for me, based on my goals, and then she will periodically change it up a little to help me keep progressing. My gym time is so much more focused and effective, and that is because of her.

        Rachel Ludeman

        Client since January 2023

        Training with Sarah has been an incredible journey. Not only has she made me stronger and more confident, but she has provoked a lifestyle change for me. My habits have fundamentally changed for the better. She pushes you to be a better version of yourself and is there when you need her. I have learned new techniques and accomplished what I did not know was possible. I could not recommend her enough!! Support your local bad bitch!

          Tisha Ralph

          Client since January 2021

          Sarah is an excellent & extremely knowledgeable trainer. In addition to helping me accomplish my training goals, she motivates me to eat healthy and push myself. She helps me maximize my efforts and I am getting noticeably stronger. I highly recommend her and know she will lead you to achieving your best.

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